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The UK fan Experience by Mark Newbold – Muppets and Star Wars

Muppets and Star Wars The magic and mystery of special effects - a description that these days refers exclusively to practical, on set effects but back in pre-digital days meant any kind of physical or optical effect - was opened...

The UK fan Experience by Mark Newbold – Scoring The Saga

UK Fan Experience: Scoring The SagaIt’s impossible to imagine the Star Wars saga without the music of John Williams. Before he ever picked up a pen to write a note for the 1977 original he already had eleven Academy...

The UK fan Experience by Mark Newbold – Carrie Fisher: The Road to Star Wars

UK Fan Experience: Carrie Fisher: The Road To Star Wars The arrival on the pop culture landscape of Star Wars was like a neutron bomb going off.  Within seemingly no time at all, references were springing up across the entertainment...

UK Fan Experience by Mark Newbold – Easy Wins

As Star Wars blasted off across the planet, and the word grew that this was something very special indeed, marketing departments scrambled to get Star Wars products out of the factories and onto shelves as fast as possible. With...

UK Fan Experience by Mark Newbold – The Arrival Of Palitoy

UK Fan Experience :The Arrival Of PalitoyAs Star Wars fever engulfed the UK, spreading across the country like wildfire in the early months of 1978, there was one thing conspicuous by its absence – action figures. UK kids were...

The UK fan Experience by Mark Newbold – Star Wars Weekly

UK Fan Experience: Star Wars Weekly (UK) With Star Wars opening to huge success in the United States, breaking records and making history across a memorable summer, the opportunity for companies and publishing houses in the UK to hop aboard...

The UK Fan Experience by Mark Newbold – December 77

THE UK FAN EXPERIENCE - December 26th 1977Can you imagine a world without Star Wars? Step back in time almost 40 years to May 24th 1977 and for the vast majority of people the greatest space fantasy of all...

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