A Peek at the Clone Wars Series


Creative Commons License photo credit: jed1_j1m

So far, so good.

Denise Martin of the LA Times wrote about her first look at the Clone Wars series. Overall, she gives a favorable review, mentioning that this animated series rivals or bests the live-action prequels. That is an interesting comment to say the least, but she insists that it’s “not an overstatement.” She continues:

The episode looked great — not Pixar-amazing, but certainly in line with movies like “Kung Fu Panda” — but it’s the writing that puts it heads above the franchise’s more recent additions. Sure, the series is ultimately aimed at kids, but this audience was laughing. And the comedy here is expected — in a good way. It doesn’t come from Anakin saying things like, “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth” — as amusing as that was in “Attack of the Clones.”

How reassuring. It looks as if the TV series (and the theatrical premiere, by extension) will at least enjoy a measure of critical success.

But not everyone was impressed with their screening of the episode. Maureen Ryan of the Tribune felt that story and emotional appeal were wanting, characters lacked depth, and humor was forced. She writes:

I don’t expect the “Clone Wars” team to create something that is “Wall*E’s” equal, don’t get me wrong. That’d be unfair, not least from a budget perspective. But at this point, I despair of ever see anything that beautiful, that heartfelt and that moving coming from the “Star Wars” universe. With every new TV and film project, that world is drained of more magic.

I’ll still probably buy more old-school “Star Wars” gear than I can carry at San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks. But for this Boba Fett fanatic, the products of George Lucas’ sci-fi empire long ago reached the point of diminishing returns.

So there you have it. What exactly will you find when you enter the dark crowded theater this August 15? Only what you take with you.



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