Abrams has fake problem with this week’s leaks


That didn’t sound right.

A few pictures of the set in Abu Dhabi have been leaked. These are not major spoilers — that is, they don’t give away any plot — but I’ll still leave it up to you to decide whether you want to read the link names and click the links. They are pics of mainly background stuff such as extras, small structures, spaceships, and weird animals.

Here is the first link which is a bunch of outdoor desert sets and characters (remember to click the picture to view photos).

Here is the second, which shows the construction of a couple of starships as well as a new alien animal creature thing.

Those starships should look very familiar to Star Wars fans! J.J. Abrams made a hilarious fake denial of these ships appearing in the movie and asked that we stop leaking these pictures. Too awesome.

For more information on the Abu Dhabi filming, here is an article from their newspaper The National and another lovely article from 7 Days in Dubai.


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