Become a Jedi or a Sith


The Oscars were very disappointing not even a technical award. I sometimes wonder who picks these things. Then again from an industry that brought us the  not so Fantastic 4 last year what do you expect?  At  least the Razzies  got that right.

Anyway here is a press release from the re-enactors  and cosplay enthusiast who like me loved the new film ( well most of them ). They don’t really need an excuse to dress up but (a la Tom Robinson ) “Sing! if your glad to cosplay. Sing! if you’re happy that way.” (Only us oldies from 1977 will know what the hell I’m on about.)




After the release of The Force Awakens, the latest installment of Star Wars saga more and more people are getting into the hype. Some of them (affiliated in organisations like Legion 501or Rebel Legion) are not only watching movies and collecting merchandise, but also making cosplays and duelling. So how to become a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord?




There are two main, official organizations with LucasFilm/Disney patronage: Legion 501 (affiliating stormtroopers, Sith Lords and other ‘dark side’ characters) and Rebel Legion (affiliating Jedis, X-wing pilots and generally ‘good guys’).

What do they do, apart of cosplaying (dressing as a movie character)? Actually, a lot. They appear at movie premieres and special events, do a lot of charity work (events, fundraisings, visiting kids in hospitals and more), but most of all, they’re having a great time.

Edwin – Trooping itself is very satisfying. I have a great opportunity to meet new, awesome people and at the same time help the ones that require help. It is fun and rewarding to see all those smiles on people’s faces.


Of course, you don’t have to be a member to have such fun – enormous number of people at comic and sci-fi conventions appear in cosplays. Showing off their costumes on facebook speaks for itself.


When asked where to get such an attire, most of them answer with pride – that they made it themselves. Either form the scratch, or adapting clothes found in outlets and second-hand stores. But what if someone just doesn’t have the skill?

Here, with helping hands come fellow cosplayers. Some even make it main or side business – like Jaroslaw of ForceBlades, who currently is running a Kickstarter project, setting up shop aiming at crafting lightsabers. As he says, it’s a side business, but one that he draws a lot positive energy from – relations with customers, a.k.a. fellow fans, and most of all, doing what he likes.


So, to all of you Star Wars fans out there – follow you dreams, join the vibrant community of cosplayers and enjoy your geekdom even more!


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