Cast of Episode VII announced


Or should I say, the main cast (because I can’t wait to find out who else will have minor roles). The picture is long famous, but you probably want to see it again anyway.

New cast in the photo are Daisy Ridley (English actress, Mr. Selfridge), Domhnall Gleeson (Irish actor in parts 1 and 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Andy Serkis (English actor in Lord of the Rings), Oscar Isaac (American actor in The Nativity Story opposite Keisha Castle-Hughes), Adam Driver (American actor in Girls; Law & Order), and John Boyega (English actor in Attack the Block; Law & Order: UK).

Speculation follows:

Here is the lovely Daisy Ridley.


Speculation in various places is that if Han and Leia have a daughter, then Ridley looks like the right person to play her. She even resembles Natalie Portman. An article in The Independent even suggested she specifically could be named “Jaina Solo,” Han and Leia’s daughter’s name in the Expanded Universe, but it is of course unclear what the Star Wars Story Group will use from the EU.

Also: Ridley and John Boyega were born in the same year, 1992. I predict that their characters will be either spouses or twins. Anything is possible.

Image source: Daisy Ridley’s acting résumé.


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