Daniel Logan Talks STAR WARS 30th with Bananakin Skywalker


To commemorate the first 30 years of the Star Wars phenomenon, comedian C.C. Banana has launched his Peel The Force anniversary campaign. Over the course of this week-long event, C.C. Banana (in the guise of his alter ego Bananakin Skywalker) will issue a series of interviews with the stars of the Star Wars saga. In the first of these 5 encounters, Bananakin Skywalker speaks with actor Daniel Logan, known for his portrayal of the young Boba Fett in Episode II. A
few excerpts from the interview follow:

Bananakin Skywalker: Daniel, what are your feelings as we approach the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga?

Daniel Logan: It’s just unbelievable to think that it’s been around for that long! Star Wars is getting older but it’s still going strong, so obviously it’s doing something right. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating the 40th!

Bananakin Skywalker: Have you followed the further adventures of the young Boba Fett in the Scholastic book series?

Daniel Logan: Yes, I have! In fact, I recently had a meeting with Scholastic here in New York City. Hopefully they’re going to do more young Boba Fett stories because I really like them. In the books, Boba Fett has this little animal that he keeps in his home. At one point, he’s going to go away with his father so he just grabs the creature and throws it over the balcony, into the ocean! He never knows whether it lives or dies. That was kind of mean and a nice kid would never do that, but it tells you something about his character.

Bananakin Skywalker: Have you ever thrown any of your pets off a balcony, Daniel?

Daniel Logan: No, I haven’t.

Bananakin Skywalker: When you grow up, do you think you’ll look like Jeremy Bulloch?

Daniel Logan: I hope not! I wash my face every day to prevent wrinkles and I take vitamins so my hair doesn’t thin. So hopefully I won’t look like Jeremy when I’m older.

Bananakin Skywalker: I’m sure he’d be delighted to hear you say that.

Daniel Logan:
Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like him!

Bananakin Skywalker: Are you afraid that you might one day launch a missile from your rocket-firing backpack and accidentally choke a small child?

Daniel Logan: You know what? That is actually my biggest fear. So you know what I do? I carry a sign with me at all times that says, “Not recommended for children under 3.” You know, “Contains small parts.”

Bananakin Skywalker: I wouldn’t go spreading that around, kid.

The entire interview is available here:



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