Darth Mojo’s Clone Wars Review


She's kind of a big deal.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeff the Trojan

We’ve been featuring screening reviews of Clone Wars, and in that spirit Darth Mojo has published a very honest review. The verdict? It’s not super great, but is more consistent and you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes less. A lot less. It all has to do with your expectations going in to the theater. To quote:

One of the reasons we were let down by each prequel was their failure to meet our expectations: a great movie telling the story of galactic struggle and epic tragedy on a grand, sweeping scale. On the other hand, Clone Wars does not have to shoulder that burden – the epic story, no matter how poorly, has been told. It’s done. Now we’re just filling in blanks with some basic, good guys VS bad guys action in a TV show for tweens, with just enough plot and character interplay to keep the story moving.

Darth Mojo is a 15 year CGI veteran, and he was impressed with the effects and action scenes. This says a lot, coming from a guy who has Battlestar Galactica in his resume (awesome CGI there, btw, DM).



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