Darth Vader USB Flash Drive


Ignore the Ewok ears, this is one intimidating presence on your computer desk. Too bad the USB plug doesn’t have the trademark scars, or reveal the face of Hayden Christiansen, looking conflicted. So, is $80 for one gig of this worth it? Sure, you can save your files in it and then re-enact scenes from ESB or ROTS while putting Vader’s mask back on, but don’t we all still do that with our imaginations anyway?

This one’s from Gizmodo in case you missed it recently. There’s actually quite a bit of wacky Star Wars related toys, gadgets, and merchandise out there. You may see a few more posts  highlighting some of those items here soon.

Note to Mimoco’s R&D department: if you can add breath mask sound effects and an occasional Imperial March, this thing will sell. Fast.

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