Episode VII photo tidbits and speculations


Random aerospace dork Matthew Myatt was flying around taking photographs when he caught the Falcon and apparently an X-wing just lying around for no reason. Here is the pic and his discussion on BBC News. Much appreciation, Mr. Myatt!

As a refresher, we knew from earlier videos and various picture leaks that there will be (larger than) life size, physical models and will include at least one X-wing. Hopefully we will find out how many … but I wonder, does Luke own the last one? Did he fix up his old one or buy a new model? Were all the old ones destroyed?!

Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams tweeted a photo of a meaningless note with an IMPORTANT AWESOME SO MUCH DEATH STAR WOW background. I speculate that it’s just fun and we won’t have a Death Star in the Sequel, except maybe in flashbacks, but I’d love for a glimpse. The whole “reflective black metallic star of death atmosphere” is one of the great things about the original trilogy, and with all the large physical models, puppet aliens, and sets, it looks like the crew are doing their best to evoke the classic movies.

Lots of discussion and speculation of the sets, including the presence of a “white-cloaked” and possibly major character hanging around, right over here.


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