Episode VII Teaser/Trailers


Episode 7 Trailers. I just love teasers and trailers. Especially the short one like these, because as a rule of thumb, the quality of a movie is usually inversely proportional to the length of it’s trailer.  The Producers and Director of Episode 7 have been extremely clever leaving us all wanting more. These Star Wars trailers show the true film maker’s art.  There is just enough of the new, to intrigue us.  There is just enough of the old, to make us feel comfortable. There is just enough of the spectacle, to heighten our anticipation. They are close to perfect.

Here is the final one (probably too long) followed by the previous instalments

Teaser III

Teaser I

Teaser II




Making a 3 minute film about a film, without spoilers, without all of the best moments, is a very tricky thing.  If the Movie you have made is a ‘pile of poop’ then it must be very difficult not to put the very best bits in the trailer. Often the trailer is not controlled by the director, but by the Film Studios and Distributors. They need ‘bums on seats’. So will do whatever it take to get you to visit the cinema on that first weekend. If the film is a Turkey it won’t make a difference in the end, but for any chance of success ’they’ need you there for that first weekend.

I hate it most when the trailers shows all the best action, and especially, the two best jokes.  I recently went to see Ant Man encouraged by the trailer, whilst I can think of at least a two dozen better thing to do with 2 hours of my life, it was not too bad. However, all the best bits were spoiled by the trailer.  I have recently been suffering from Super Hero fatigue and it was only the trailer that had dragged me to go see it in the first place.  You see! It works! Even an old sceptic like me fell for it, so they will carry on doing it. Who can blame them?

I think with some of the current offerings, which are increasingly are ‘me too’ sequels with no script and nothing to say, we would better served if the editor cut the actual film down to four or five minutes.  Then at least, I would not get bored half way through. I pride myself on only having left before the end of a film on two occasions in my entire life, (of which I may tell you on another occasion) but I am starting to believe I should do it more often. Enough of my rantings, and returning to the Episode 7 trailers – I hope the Movie lives up to our expectations. I believe in JJ. I (almost) believe in the force. Say it enough times and it will be true!

Finally to end on another upbeat note there are always exception to the rule and hopefully my theory is wrong about the new Bond movie. Not Star Wars, I know, but this trailer is a mini feature in its own right and I thought I would put it here anyway.



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