Even More Star Wars Cakes


AT-AT miniature
Creative Commons License photo credit: Stéfan

Recently I was browsing around the internet and stumbled across yet another Star Wars cake on Great White Snark. Star Wars and cake are two of my favorite things, as past posts have suggested. This one scores big on difficulty points.

So a bunch of folks got together to make a wedding cake for a nice guy named Jason. They put in a combined 60 hours on the project, which would have been about $5000 at standard rates, but this was clearly a labor of love. Or a strong desire to root out your enemy’s secret base, with cake. Either way it worked to great effect.

That story led me to another previous occasion involving a bucket of bolts with frosting: the Millenium Falcon cake. Check out the links below, and enjoy! If you would like to bake me a Star Wars cake, contact me today!



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