Force Awakens trailer and a little humor


This entry contains mild spoilers and many GIFs!! Stuff like planet identification, nothing major, but stay away if you want to know NOTHING (in which case, why are you on a Star Wars news site (other than to ask why Star Wars isn’t on iTunes already)?).

First, watch the trailer on the official YouTube channel:

Embedded here:

Next, read this excellent synopsis on io9 by James Whitbrook.

A couple things are cleared up: the desert planet is not Luke’s homeworld of Tatooine, but a newly introduced place called Jakku.

Finn (John Boyega) is indeed a stormtrooper. Rey (Daisy Ridley) is a “scavenger.” In my opinion her almost Tusken-like wrap clothing fits that definition quite well.

Here are some more pictures from Celebration in Anaheim, especially some great ones of the three dashing young characters played by Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega.

The Celebration has a lovely exhibit of costumes, X-wings, and a lightsaber hilt. I want to point out Finn’s costume: I love! His jacket especially resembles Luke’s jacket at the end of A New Hope, down to the sleeve ribbing:


(Incidentally, this same jacket was used as inspiration for making Legends character Mara Jade in Mysteries of the Sith look more like she belongs in Star Wars!)


We had learned previously that BB-8 (soccer ball droid) is real, not CG. Now we see it demonstrated:

A few notes and fake rumors:

It’s been pointed out that Kylo Ren looks a great deal like Darth Revan because of the hood/mask combo.



There was much hand-focus. I realized this when they kept showing people’s hands and not their faces, so sometimes it wasn’t clear who the actor/character was and I had to attempt to recognize their hands instead. It helped keep a bit of mystery and force us, for example, to deduce from Luke’s narrative that it was Leia being handed a lightsaber and Luke putting his hand on Artoo.

The Millennium Falcon flies INTO THE ENGINES of another ship!


They found Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber which Luke lost on Bespin’s Cloud City along with his hand — does that mean Luke’s hand has also been recovered?

Gwendoline Christie as Jedi “Knight” or swaggering Captain Phasma? Okay, I’m kidding.



On that note, I went to see some new Avengers movie a couple weeks back and so finally got to see the TFA trailer on the big screen, but by then all of my fellow nerds and weirdos scattered throughout the cinema seemed pretty desensitized and made no sound, probably due to having seen it twenty-five billion times by then. But when it first came out, many of us also enjoyed watching “reaction videos” in which we simply watch other people watch the trailer (and their subsequent emotional reactions). Why is this fun? Besides the basic human need for solidarity, I think watching such videos is like seeing the trailer again for the first time.

Or, in this case, twenty-eight first times?!

Most people’s greatest reaction was to Han and Chewie. For me, it was Luke putting his machine hand on his machine friend.


The gap between people and droids isn’t so great; droids have such intelligence and personality that perhaps one might call them as sentient as the living? (I enjoyed this theme in Knights of the Old Republic: Sith Lords so much that I hold out hope that it will at least be touched on in the sequel trilogy.)


Even though droids almost get left behind sometimes.


(Photo credits:

Mysteries of the Sith image from Steam.

ANH medal ceremony image from The Official Site.

Darth Revan image from Wookieepedia (I avoided a link to KotOR because it’s I know a reader or two who has not played it — get crackin’!).

Photoshopped Gwendoline Christie, BB-8 peeking image, and various GIFs from Something Awful forums.)

Up next: Vanity Fair and some spin-off news!


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