Galaxies: Exar Kun Rises Again


LucasArts announced today the release of the ninth chapter to the Star Wars: Galaxies MMORPG entitled “The Fury of Exar Kun.” It features 25 additions to the Collection System and enhancements to the Storyteller System. In particular, users will be able to create and share custom events, called blueprints, with others. The following is the press release in detail:

Enhancements to the Storyteller System

With Chapter 9: The Fury of Exar Kun, storytellers will now be able to share their custom-created events, from huge battles to wedding ceremonies, with other players in the game. The new blueprint feature allows players to create a complex event through the Storyteller System and actually save their work to a blueprint. These blueprints can then be used by the player again, or given or sold to others. To use a blueprint, a player simply calls it up, and if he or she has all the necessary set pieces, it will instantly unpack and set each prop in the correct place. Combined with a new real-time targeting system for placing props, storytellers now have simple, fluid ways for creating and sharing their personal Star Wars events.

In addition, Chapter 9 introduces all new props for the Storyteller System, including new items, decorations and NPCs from the Exar Kun heroic encounter.

More information on the Storyteller System enhancements can be found at

In-Game Reward

Players who log in to the game after Chapter 9 goes live, and before Chapter 10 is released, are eligible to automatically receive a fantastic new item for their in-game home or structure – a Galaxy Kiosk. The Galaxy Kiosk is a new, large furniture item that features four terminals surrounding three-dimensional representations for each of the major planets in-game. Not only is the Galaxy Kiosk is an impressive display, but it will also feature functional radial menus that will update the player on such things as the current Galactic Civil War planetary scores.


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