Jedi Fight Club


Flynn broke the first rule about Jedi Fight Club and talked about the group on Amsterdam News:

In everyday life, they are just regular people with stressful jobs: accountants, writers, and administrative workers. Yet when they join for their weekly practice, they become Jedi, leaping up into the air, and brandishing colorful lightsabers.

It all started a year ago when NY Jedi founder Flynn “wanted to play with a bunch of light-sticks,” he says. “Before I knew it I was creating a website and a forum for people to chat on.” Indeed, is not only visited daily by Star Wars fans across the globe, but also by people driven by pure curiosity.

“It’s crazy; these people are everywhere,” says Flynn. “Every time you take out a lightsaber and turn it on, people light up, like, ‘Oh my God!’”

Over time, the NY Jedi have found there was a strong popular interest in the genre of stage combat involving lightsabers.

A visit to their website,, reveals the following mission statement: “ is a website designed specifically for it’s members to create a character that would use a weapon referred to as a light saber, and sharing stage-based techniques to use said weapon, while embodying their character through creative costuming and training. We then provide a platform for that member to showcase their knowledge in an interactive environment via performances and community gatherings. Within this framework, we allow people to stretch their own boundries of physical and mental abilities to become someone stronger and more confident. It’s also about community; Like-minded individuals helping each other learn and grow.”


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