Looking Forward to ’77


Yavin 4
Creative Commons License photo credit: skippy13

Irony of ironies: “77” is still an unfinished project, yes, but this film whose trailer won an award in 2006 now has an honest, comprehensive film review. Thanks to Ian, who sent me this heads up:

Those who have spent the last three or four years following the parallel production nightmares of Fanboys and 5-25-77 would be excused for assuming that all films involving teenagers and early cuts of Star Wars films are cursed… you might be right- but 77 is finally here.

At the Spout blog, the whole backstory is given on the production of “77” and its premise, which definitely seems catchy film material. In summary: “It’s a mess. But it’s kind of a fascinating mess.” Pretty much the finished parts are great and the unfinished parts are a little raw, but has potential. Definitely a good read, so head on over and get your fan film fix.



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