Mark Hamill Can Handle


‘Mark Hamill Can Handle’   by Artist Chris Cape


As excitement mounts for December’s launch of Episode VII, I’ve been looking for the looking for those Super-fans who are artist in their own right. By coincidence, this week, I received an email Chris Cape. Chris, a South African rapper, told me about a track he released on SoundCloud earlier this year.

I missed it first time round, and in case you did too, I have embedded it here.

I like it, but more importantly Mark Hamill likes it. Mark tweeted “Surprised and humbled to hear a song featuring me as lyrics… Loved it! “. You can’t get a better endorsement than that. The story even made the international press.


Daily Mail …read more.


Chris’ music may not be to everyone’s taste and his latest track ‘Lawnmower’ takes a bit of getting used to, but listen to it a few times and it becomes one of those ‘glorious ear worms’  that burrows deep into your brain.


Lawnmower…listen now


Chris is not finished with Star Wars either, there may be more fan music in the pipeline and it is rumoured, that he has been hanging with various members of the Star Wars cast…

Picture of Chris and John
Chris Cape and Friend?