More Star Wars Music


Here are a couple more examples of star wars fan Music/Art.

This first is a video from Elli Sherrer . Judge for yourself. The lyrics are a little X-rated


Next we have slightly more serious content from Andrew Allen,

Andrew say:  ‘I’m the composer and keyboardist for “Live! from The Cantina: A Star Wars Jazz Tribute”. “Live!” is a crowd-funded Star Wars instrumental cover album that features jazz, blues, funk, and rock arrangements of classic Star Wars themes. The Kickstarter campaign can be found HERE. “Live” is our 4th crowd-funded album.

We have also done the music of Star Trek, Video Games, and Super Heroes. Star Wars has always been my first geeky love, but I needed to grow as a musician and composer before taking on John Williams’ masterpieces. I’m very proud of this album, and I think that you’ll be impressed with the quality of musicianship and the attention to detail.’

“Live! from The Cantina” features myself on Hammond B3 Organ and Piano, Byron House (Robert Plant’s Band of Joy, Emmy-Lou Harris) on Bass, Truman House on Drums, and Bradley J. Esau on Saxophone.’


Track Listing:

Star Wars Main Theme (Blues): Parade of The Ewoks (5/4 Jazz): Catina Band (Latin) :The Imperial March (Funk / Modal)

Princess Leia’s Theme (Medium Swing / Blues) Tie Fighter Attack (Up-Tempo / Through-Composed) Han Solo and The Princess (Ballad) Tales of a Jedi Knight (Luke’s Theme) [Funk / Rock) Yoda’s Theme (Easy Swing) Duel of The Fates (Rock)


Take a look and a listen let me know what you think:



You could not find two more diverse genres, but they both seem to behaving fun!!!  I love it all

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