Nothing to do with Star Wars Except 1977 and Strong Women


Wonder Woman ’77 meets The Bionic Woman #2


Previews of the Dynamite titles in stores on 01/25/2017.

Wonder and Bionic Cover


Star Wars – it is not, but anybody who watched Star Wars the first time round will be familiar with these two. Perhaps the only female icons on TV at that time Jamie Sommers and Diana Prince are etched into my memory. They pre-date Leia but neither of them needed rescuing and both ‘gave as good as they got’. They set the scene for the Fiesty Princess. Prncess Leia was surely a product of these times and this culture. I will be buying a copy on Thursday.

Wonder and Bionic Alternate Cover
Alternate Cover

Wonder Woman ’77 / Bionic Woman #2

writer: Andy Mangels

artist: Judit Tondora

covers: Cat Staggs (a), Aaron Lopresti (b),

incentive cover: Cat Staggs (“virgin art”), Aaron 

Lopresti (B/W art)

Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ 

Party like it’s 1977 in this cross-over event fans have wanted for decades — but never thought possible! Now, Diana Prince meets Jaime Sommers… or should we say, Wonder Woman meets The Bionic Woman? In this action-packed mini-series, the two television titans team up to fight a rogue cabal bent on wreaking havoc and stealing deadly weapons. Can CASTRA be stopped before their real targets are revealed and lives are lost? With super powers, bionic enhancements, surprise villains, and an invisible plane, just about anything is possible!







All images courtesy of Dynamite Comics


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