One Fan’s Post Mortem of Star Wars


Star Wars
Creative Commons License photo credit: Yogi

With Clone Wars transitioning from its run in the theaters to the TV screen, many fans are left with mixed feelings about the state of the Star Wars franchise. Some, undoubtedly, enjoyed the films and look forward to the series on Cartoon Network. Others, understandably, were unimpressed with Clone Wars but reserve hope for the upcoming live-action series, which promises to provide a darker, more adult take on Star Wars.

Still others, like James Strocel, have given up on Star Wars entirely. He has an interesting viewpoint as he analyzes exactly where Star Wars jumped the shark. His conclusion? It can all be traced back to Return of the Jedi when it was revealed that Leia was Luke’s sister, shattering the love triangle that had developed between Han, Leia, and Luke up till that time.

When you consider that the biggest character driven plot-line of the trilogy was resolved essentially by default, subsequent creative decisions about the films suddenly make sense. We could see through the prequel trilogy that Lucas abhors ambiguity about all things. There’s either a dark side or a light side of the force, people either love each other or they don’t. The lack of ambiguity works for Star Wars. When a bad guy dies, you want feel good about it. However, ambiguity shouldn’t be confused with facing a hard choice, which is what happened here.

Whether or not you agree with him, he makes some incredibly good points in his article. Definitely worth a read.



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