Saturday, April 20, 2024


Introducing Boba Fett

On Youtube, this is Boba Fett's very first appearance. WARNING: the video clip you are about to view is an excerpt from the Star Wars Holiday Special. Watch this at your own more | digg story

Life Size Jabba on eBay

What is thy bidding? Here's something I figured there would never be a market for. There's a life size Jabba the Hutt replica on eBay. And it's up for sale if you want it. Just imagine: you might know...

Star Wars Trilogy Boxed Set $32.90 Shipped!

To all you bargain hunters, and to those who are looking for that perfect yet reasonably priced gift, I present you with this from offers the Star Wars Trilogy boxed set for just $30.00 when you use Google...

So, You Want a 1080p Saga, Do You?

High res, high def ... is that always a good thing? Check out this collection of screen caps and see if you don't run -- screaming -- back to your VHS and laserdisc more | digg story

Star Wars Kid on American Dad

Found this on Youtube in case you missed it ... the famous Star Wars Kid makes a pop culture appearance on American Dad:

The Immediate Future of Star Wars Gaming

Nancy MacIntyre of LucasArts sheds light on some upcoming projects at LucasArts. Most noteworthy: the continuation of the KOTOR and Battlefront series, and game tie-ins to the Star Wars animated as well as live-action TV more | digg story

Darth Maul in Southeast Asia, Honing Wushu Skills

For a guy who was summarily chopped in half and dropped down a bottomless techno-pit, Ray Park has done pretty good notwithstanding. He's managed to pick up the pieces ... and resume a good career. He's currently in Malaysia,...

Star Wars Coming to the Two and a Half Inch Screen!

DATELINE New York ... (I've always wanted to start a story that way) CNN Money reports that News Corp. (dba Fox movies) is closing in on a deal with Apple to sell its films on the iTunes Store.Personally, I...

Jedi Fight Club

Flynn broke the first rule about Jedi Fight Club and talked about the group on Amsterdam News:In everyday life, they are just regular people with stressful jobs: accountants, writers, and administrative workers. Yet when they join for their weekly...

Star Wars Wedding

Who would've thought? Darth Vader bringing balance to the Force through ... matrimony? The Huntsville Times reports on this real wedding (no, we're not kidding) featuring individuals dressed up as Star Wars characters.Jerry Roberts stood under the Pathfinder Shuttle...