Star Wars Art -Adrian Ward

Metal Vader
Lord Vader made from twopence pieces.

Following several interesting purchases of original Art from the dreaded flea-bay and seeing the huge variety and incredible quality of Fan Art on Twitter I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some Fan Art and Artists in more detail.

The magnificent sculpture above was made created by Adrian Ward.
Adrian tells me he is a modest man seeking only fame and fortune. Sadly, Adrian sold me this work on a ‘buy it now’ and I paid far too little for him to ever make a profit. As I failed to give him the fortune, it is perhaps only right that I shall try to grant him the fame.

As you can see the work is constructed of two-pence pieces, some formed, but most simply welded together to produce a life size, impressionist, vision of Vader’s Head. There must be 20 – 30 hours work just in the welding. The overall composition is delightfully minimalistic but the industrial feel captures the menace of Vader. I can almost hear the John Williams Score. Here I have it on a light background, but backlit it takes on an almost ghostly quality. I can’t decide whether to keep it indoors, mount a light behind it, or put it in the garden to weather to verdigris and black oxides.

Adrian Karen and James
Adrian Ward and family

Adrian hails from rural Yorkshire in England, where he lives with his wife Karen and their son James. Adrian and Karen are both artists and big Star Wars Fans. From the photo they are cosplay and re-enactment Fans as well. Adrian is an Akido teacher and says, that occasionally, he likes to swap his sword for a Light Saber.

Sword on Stand
Cerimonial Sword

Adrian informs me that Mr Lucas drew inspiration for The Force and the Jedi religion from the teachings and philosophy of Tichi and Akido. It is not surprising then, that Adrian has always felt a connection with the stories. ‘The force, in him, flows strongly.’

But seriously, Adrian sculpts in metal because it gives him pleasure to create form and substance from simple raw materials. As an engineer myself I can see the love and patience in each of those tiny welds.

Spot welds
Made from twopence pieces.

In my opinion he is both Artist and Artisan. In another time he would probably have been the village blacksmith making both art and utilitarian objects. One of his favourite mediums is wire using different metals to give colour.

Metal BIrd
Wire Sculpture BIrd
Metal Fairy
Wire Sculpture Fairy

Perhaps the final duel between Luke the Emperor and Vader would be suited to this medium, however, Adrian tells me he is thinking about making a Storm Trooper next. If he decides to part with it you better get behind me in the queue, or try to outbid me, or at the very lease be prepared to ‘arm wrestle for it’.

Finally, Ardian’s love of SW (and his son) is proven by this image of an electric powered ride that he constructed for his son some time ago. I wish He was my Dad!

R2D2 electric car
Electric powered R2D2

If you want to see more of both Adrian’s and Karen’s work go to: or Karen’s Facebook. email: [email protected] I believe they both take commissions starting at, a very reasonable, £200.

I wish them good luck with all their future ventures. May the force be with you Adrian and family.
The jEditor
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