Star Wars TV Series Wishlist


Ben, Luke & R2D2
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If you’ve gotten behind on the Star Wars TV show news and are looking for a quick and dirty rundown of what we know so far, Tom Burns of The Deadbolt has been gracious enough to write up a quick summary. In addition, he included what he has described as “reckless, baseless suppositions” about what that show might be like:

The series will follow a multitude of character-based storylines – much like Heroes – that will occasionally converge during sweeps months. We’ll have a bounty hunter plotline that introduces a new intergalactic space-bail-bondsman into the mix, showing us the seamier side of the Star Wars universe. (Boba Fett will appear though – more on that later.) We’ll follow some new Imperial recruits – some true Palpatine believers, some a little more dubious… we’re imagining an Alias agent/counteragent vibe. There’ll be a whole Tatooine-set storyline, following pod-racing, the slave situation (one of the most dangling plot threads ever from Phantom Menace), the Hutts and their mafia organization, green dancing girls, and the founding of the Mos Eisley Cantina. (C’mon, it can be the Cheers of the 21st century! Maybe they can get Bea Arthur to resume her role as the singing bartender from the Christmas Special.) And we’ll see the early days of the Rebel resistance – no Leia or anything, but lots of stuff set on Alderan and perhaps some cameos from Mon Mothma and the “many Bothians” who died to steal the Death Star Plans.

Read more of the article, and a list of what he wants (and doesn’t want) to see in the series, pay his site a visit.

Link – Deadbolt: What we want from the Star Wars TV series (and what we don’t)


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