Star Wars Wedding


Who would’ve thought? Darth Vader bringing balance to the Force through … matrimony? The Huntsville Times reports on this real wedding (no, we’re not kidding) featuring individuals dressed up as Star Wars characters.

Jerry Roberts stood under the Pathfinder Shuttle at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Saturday, choking up during the vows to his soon-to-be wife, Cindy Scoggins.

The only sound amid the silence as Roberts tamed his emotions was the inhaling and exhaling of Darth Vader.

Chip Horsley of Gadsden couldn’t help the rhythmic breathing during Roberts’ and Scoggins’ “Star Wars”-themed wedding. The gasping was part of his costume as the black-domed, half-man, half-metal character from “Star Wars.”

The couple returned to the Space Center to tie the knot in front of nearly 40 guests outfitted in traditional Jedi formal wear – Cindy with a long shroud flowing down the back of her Jedi suit and Jerry clad in a white Jedi tuxedo, complete with a lightsaber hanging from his belt.

And both sides of the wedding party arrived in full costume to selections from the movie’s score.

Kevin Garner, the best man, was decked out as a chivalrous-looking Imperial Grand Admiral (from the “Star Wars” books); Ross Yonge of Mobile was dressed as a stormtrooper from “Return of the Jedi“; and Marshal Edmonston was robed as Emperor Palpatine.

On the bride’s side, Kristina Howard was Padme Amidala, Kellie Morton was dressed as a Jedi knight, and Michelle Hamilton was a woman from the Singing Mountain Clan.

Charlie Baker, a maid of honor wearing the orange jumpsuit of an X-Wing pilot, made the nine-layer, three-dimensional R2-D2 wedding cake.

Ed Coey, who presided over the ceremony in costume as a Naboo Holy Man, presented the newlyweds after pronouncing, “May the force be with you.


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