Steampunk Vader


A little Sith droid wandered into my house today and brought my attention to this interesting article:

Inspired by this neat little project, I decided I wanted to reimagine the Star Wars universe in a steampunk context. I know, whenever anyone reimagines anything, they either make it a) adult and edgy (99%) or b) steampunk (1%), so I’m not getting any originality points, but it’s still a pretty exciting idea for me. Meaning I’ll be bored of it in a week and start drawing dogs wearing hats or something.

Lord Vader
More machine than man, Vader is the Empire’s most decorated General and a very powerful practitioner of the Force’s dark arts. He is obsessed with communicating with the spirits of the dead, spending every sleepless night trying in vain to contact his lost love. Twisted and broken in body and mind, Vader is driven with sadistic passion.

He is a master with the traditional weapon of Force champions, the
Phlogisticated Aether Torch, more commonly referred to as the phlogisabre.


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