The Force Awakens has been nominated for five Academy Awards related to sound and visuals — in other words, for its awesome TIE fighter noises and BB-8. Episode 7 is now the second-most Oscar nominated Star Wars movie after the original A New Hope. Here’s a list of the full categories and specific people nominated:

Before the movie was released in my area, I read this:

But I did not report on such speculation at the time because while I thought it’s a fair assumption that TFA will get some Oscar nominations, it really did not matter to me and I doubted it would meet the Academy’s standards this year (especially over certain other films). I was simply hoping it would be a good Star Wars movie.

That said, I am glad TFA got a few nods and I hope to see BB-8 accept his much-deserved award. (He can do it, he’s not CGI.)

Here is Wikipedia’s list of nominations and awards TFA received around the world:

–Victory-class Woman


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