The New Jedi Order : Dark Journey


The New Jedi Order : Dark Journey ~ 27 Years ANH

BNH=Before ‘a New Hope’     ANH=After ‘A New Hope’

The New Jedi Order : Dark Journey
Writer:Elaine Cunningham
Cover Artist:Steven D. Anderson
Details:336 pages – $6.99 US, $9.99 CAN
Publish Date:January 29, 2002
Publisher:Del Rey
Though the Jedi strike force completed its deadly mission into Yuuzhan Vong territory, the price of success was tragedy: not everyone made it out alive. Stealing a rogue ship in a dramatic getaway, with the enemy in hot pursuit, hotshot pilot Jaina Solo is forced to seek haven in the unprotected, unfriendly Hapes Cluster where a far more sinister plot awaits her. Grief stricken and obsessed with revenge, Jaina is blind to these pending threats and to the overpowering evil dangerously close to consuming her. In the coming conflagration, Jaina will be fighting not for victory or vengeance, but for her very being.


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