The New Jedi Order : Traitor


The New Jedi Order : Traitor ~ 27 Years ANH

BNH=Before ‘a New Hope’     ANH=After ‘A New Hope’

The New Jedi Order : Traitor
Writer:Matthew Stover
Cover Artist:Steven D. Anderson
Details:292 pages – $6.99 US, $10.99 CAN
Publish Date:July 30, 2002
Publisher:Del Rey
The heart of the New Republic has been dealt a crippling blow, as the capital world of Coruscant has fallen to the Yuuzhan Vong conquerors. But hope returns with a young Jedi once believed dead.

He is now the ward of Vergere, a Yuuzhan Vong accomplice with mysterious motives. She has much to teach young Solo, including a new way of perceiving the Force, a method that unleashes tremendous energies — but at what cost? Is the young pupil being turned into a weapon by those with devastating plans?


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