The Story of the 501st


Check out Heart of an Empire, a documentary in the works chronicling the story of the 501st Legion. From director/producer Jay Thompson: “Heart of an Empire started as a funny and energetic exploration of the worldwide organization called the ‘Fighting 501st’ from its inception through present day. However, it has become much more, as we have peeled back its many layers and discovered some incredibly touching and surprising stories which we have no doubt will amaze and inspire you.”

Who are the 501st? From their official website: “Since 1997, the costuming organization known as the 501st Legion has spread the magic of the Star Wars genre worldwide through its authentic-looking costumes, and has become
the leading force in fan-based charity events. The 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist,” is truly dedicated to brightening the lives of those less-fortunate.”

Watch the trailer here.


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