Vader Lives?

Shadow of Vader falling across the page


Will Darth Vader be Resurrected in Eposide VII?

Who cares whether Jon Snow is dead (well I do, a bit, actually!), but the question we should all be asking is  Darth Vader alive?  There is small but growing body of opinion that, in one form or another,  Darth Vader Lives and will awaken to make an appearance in episode VII.

How can this be? Surely, he not only died in Return of the Jedi but also returned from the Dark Side?  Darth Vader is dead, and in corporeal form he is, once again, Anikin. (Old or Young depending on the order in which you first saw the franchise).

So it would not seem possible for Vader to rise again, but we are dealing with JJ Abrams here. In a moment of cinematic genius he re-launched Star Trek using a ‘time travel quantum universe thingy’ to change it all around and start afresh. Somehow, and I don’t know how, it hardly caused a ripple of indigestion in even the most diehard of Trekkies. Will he try to pull off a similar trick with episode VII. I am sure he won’t use the same device, but don’t be surprised if he comes up with something even better.

So is there any concrete evidence that Vader will be Back? Not a great deal, but dollars talk louder than words. Missing from episodes I & II was Vader. Missing form episodes I & II was real Menace (not Phantom)! Vader is (and always will be) the glue between the Heroes, the Princesses, the Oppressed and the Oppressors. If I were making episode VII I would find a way! There is, however, one small scrap … teaser II
It is clearly the voice of Luke, and when talks about the force being strong in his family he says “My Father has it; I have it; My Sister has it; and you have it.” Of course we all want to know about which particular offspring “you” could be. Son, daughter, nephew or nice, who knows? There is much speculation on this also, but far more interesting is the ‘has’ in ‘my father has it.’ There it is – Vader in the present tense.

I am certain it is a modern recording, so why not change the ‘has’ to ‘had’. Is it grammatical error, by Disney and Abrahams? I think not. It is deliberate. It implies life. Now maybe, in the Jedi tradition, Luke is still in touch with Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anikin. Maybe death has no meaning to a Jedi. I’m not convinced! Perhaps just the tense is just paying homage to the original speech, perhaps it is a ruse to confuse, or perhaps Vader is back! It may all just be wishful thinking but my money is on Vader having real screen time. What do you think?

Other life and death issues are the fate of Captain Solo. Fuelled by the supposed reluctance of Harrison Ford to be involved in another 5-7 year franchise. I hear he only appeared in this one as a trade off so he is able to make yet another Indiana Jones. It could mean a transfer for the old guard to the new. That would be quite disappointing, but it is all unconfirmed speculation, and we will all just have to wait and see. Unless you know better?

The jEditor.