X-Wing : Rogue Squadron : Special


X-Wing : Rogue Squadron : Special ~4 Years ANH

BNH=Before ‘a New Hope’     ANH=After ‘A New Hope’

X-Wing : Rogue Squadron : Special
Writer:Ryder Windham
Penciller:John Nadeau
Inker:Monty Sheldon
Cover Artist:Cary Porter
Details:32 pages – $2.95 US, $4.15 CAN
Publish Date:August 1, 1995
Publisher:Dark Horse
When the Empire threatens to conquer the people of Tandankin, the battle-hardened pilots of X-wing Rogue Squadron blast off for adventure! They’re taking back the galaxy one planet at a time!


This Story Collected In …

X-Wing : Rogue Squadron : Battleground : Tatooine
Cover Artist:John K. Snyder III
Format:Trade Paperback
Details:112 pages – $12.95 US, $19.95 CAN
Publish Date:April 1, 1998
Publisher:Dark Horse
The crime and death caused by Jabba the Hutt is nothing compared to the chaos created in the wake of his demise. Jabba’s legacy is a cache of stolen Imperial hardware and weapons, hidden somewhere on the desert world of Tatooine. Whoever finds the treasure will have enough firepower to rule the planet and perhaps even the sector. And that means Rogue Squadron must find it first, or else find it aimed at their heads! Also collects X-Wing: Rogue Squadron: Special.


X-Wing : Rogue Squadron Volume 2
Details:288 pages – $24.95
Publish Date:October 25, 2006
Publisher:Dark Horse
As the Empire withers away and the New Republic grows, one team of ace starfighters takes on the most critical missions to ensure freedom in a galaxy long oppressed-Rogue Squadron!

Collecting X-Wing Rogue Squadron #9-20, this mammoth volume includes Battleground Tatooine, The Warrior Princess, and Requiem for a Rogue. Whether it’s keeping a massive weapons cache out of the hands of Jabba the Hutt’s would-be successors, brokering peace on a planet wracked by civil war, or rescuing a downed cruiser from the jaws of an ancient evil, no task is too treacherous for the heroes of Rogue Squadron!


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