Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Dario P

Walrus Man and Dr. Evazan – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

Wanted men. The originators of the severed arm running gag. The surgeon and the thug. Pirates. Spicerunners. They escaped Jedha but not Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Untold Star Wars by Graham Hancock : Luke builds his Lightsaber

Untold Star Wars : Luke builds his LightsaberWhen Star Wars The Complete Saga was released on Blu-ray, one particular deleted scene had fans salivating....

Bib Fortuna – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

Officially, within the new canon of the LucasFilms/Disney-owned Star Wars, the story of the Twi’lek Bib Fortuna ends with the destruction of Jabba’s sail...

Untold Star Wars by Graham Hancock : Boonta Eve Podrace

Untold Star Wars: Boonta Eve PodraceOne of the most exhilarating sequences in Star Wars The Phantom Menace is the thrill ride that is the...

Per Hedman’s – Life According to Darth – Darth on Travel

Darth on Travel          Next week......

R5-D4 aka “Red” – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

But for one droid’s bad motivator, Luke Skywalker might never have joined the Galactic Civil War and the Death Star could still be menacing the galaxy. Who broke R5-D4’s motivator? Did he sacrifice himself? Did R2-D2 sabotage him? Was the droid actually a Jedi? Is there a conspiracy to hide the truth? We reveal all!

Untold Star Wars by Graham Hancock : Rescuing Darth Sidious

Untold Star Wars: Rescuing Darth SidiousThe Star Wars prequel trilogy, and Revenge of the Sith in particular, is packed full of dramatic irony. One...

Star Wars This Week – 7 April 2017

The week's newest Star Wars-related news and most entertaining content--curated by a Star Wars fan, for the Star Wars fan...

Zam Wesell – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

Bounty hunter. Shapeshifter. Partner to Jango Fett. Friend to Boba Fett. Padme’s would-be assassin.

Kyle Katarn – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

The Chuck Norris of Star Wars. He stole the Death Star plans before Jyn Erso. He stopped the Dark Trooper Project. Stormtrooper. Mercenary. Jedi. Master.

Untold Star Wars by Graham Hancock : The Wampa Ice Creature

Untold Star Wars : The Wampa Ice CreatureThere is a tradition in Star Wars movies of cutting between multiple action scenes, particularly in the...

Kit Fisto – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

Famous for his battle smile. Green-skinned and tentacled with a green lightsaber. Jedi Master. Amphibious Nautolan. Hero of Geonisis, Mon Cala, and Ord Cestus.

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