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The UK Fan Experience by Mark Newbold – December 77

THE UK FAN EXPERIENCE - December 26th 1977Can you imagine a world without Star Wars? Step back in time almost 40 years to May 24th 1977 and for the vast majority of people the greatest space fantasy of all...

Per Hedman’s – Life According to Darth – Introducing Vader

Darth Vader A Second Lightsaber Kindergarten Reunion Clarification Please Meeting a Kindred Spirit

Writers Wanted

  Wanted Original Writers!   Would you like to be published on with a columnist by-line and get paid for it?   £50   per article If you think you could produce a series 13 x 1000 word articles about some aspect of Star Wars  then...

Kenny Baker

November 1, 2016A sad beep. As you all know, English actor Kenny Baker died August 13 this year. I figured the first Día de Muertos after his passing would be a good time to remember.I was sad to...

Rogue One characters

October 11, 2016Mild spoilers for Rogue One: a Star Wars Story in this update.I have been sent some links about the essay by British actor and musician Riz Ahmed, about typecasting, that The Guardian posted last month and that...

TFA part 1: History

May 1, 2016I wrote this after viewing the very last showing of The Force Awakens (TFA) in my area and re-wrote it now for everyone who recently received it on home video. This is because, of all of TFA's...

Rogue One nine-month update

March 16, 2016Towards the end of 2015 I began to withdraw from much of the Internet to avoid Episode VII spoilers (a good decision), the side effect being that I also ignored the various Rogue One tidbits coming my...

Become a Jedi or a Sith

The Oscars were very disappointing not even a technical award. I sometimes wonder who picks these things. Then again from an industry that brought us the  not so Fantastic 4 last year what do you expect?  At  least the...

Episode 8 early casting

February 23, 2016Greetings and I hope everyone is enjoying the jEditor's new design -- and that this means I will be able to update regularly! Here is a little about Episode VIII to get things started:We got excited a...


To celebrate the release of The Force Awakens (TFA) in China, here is some information on supplementary literature. On April 5, fans will be get to read about the events of TFA from Rey’s point of view in this short...

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