Sunday, November 27, 2022


TFA Poster and more (questions)

"Theatrical poster, the last The Force Awakens trailer, and release dates"This article contains spoilers and speculation.Theatrical poster and movie premier information on the Official Site is here: movie tickets are now on sale worldwide, about two months before...

More Star Wars Music

More fun Music By Elli Sherrer and Andrew Allen

Battlefront News

The temporary Beta of DICE's version of Battlefront went live this weekend for testing by any player who wished to join in. Like Battlefront 2, players joined in Star Wars battles in a cleaner, crisper version of the previous instalment.....

Episode 7 Background Story Updates

If you like reading Star Wars novels, or at least plan to keep up with the background story leading up to The Force Awakens, this link may be of interest

Fuzzy or What?

Found this in my in-box.  Odd but the kids will love it!Not long now for the real thing and I don't mean a Coke

Mark Hamill Can Handle

'Mark Hamill Can Handle'   by Artist Chris Cape As excitement mounts for December’s launch of Episode VII, I've been looking for the looking for those Super-fans who are artist in their own right. By coincidence, this week, I received an...

Star Wars Art -Adrian Ward

Following several interesting purchases of original Art from the dreaded flea-bay and seeing the huge variety and incredible quality of Fan Art on Twitter I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some Fan Art and...

Episode VII Teaser/Trailers

Episode 7 Trailers. I just love teasers and trailers.

Last Piece of the Han Solo Puzzle

Han Solo Prequel - Too much of a good thing?

Vader Lives?

 Will Darth Vader be Resurrected in Eposide VII?Who cares whether Jon Snow is dead (well I do, a bit, actually!), but the question we should all be asking is  Darth Vader alive?  There is small but growing body of...

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