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The Force Awakens has been nominated for five Academy Awards related to sound and visuals — in other words, for its awesome TIE fighter noises and BB-8. Episode 7 is now the second-most Oscar nominated Star Wars movie after...

TFA Box Office Rcpts

Here is a handy info-graphic giving details of early takings compared to the other films and the opening weekends for other franchises.

Last Trailers – No Spoilers!

VictoryClassWoman Posts :Last trailers and movie commentary (no spoilers)

The Force Awakens Opens to Rave Reviews

Star Wars The Force Awakens has opened to rave reviews.

TUBI TV Q&A on Twitter

Tubi TV are hosting a special event on Twitter to celebrate the launch  of 'The force Awakens'Don't miss what promises to be a very strong debate. JediNet will be there! Will you?George Lucas Friend or Foe?17:00- 19:00 PST  16th...

More Quotes and Articles

As excitement builds and the release date approaches GQ have an exclusive interview with Harrison Ford . Here is a preview and some other quotes from the cast. Read the full interview in the January issue of GQ, on sale...


Daisy Ridley appears on the cover of the January edition of British Glamour and gives a fairly comprehensive interviewinside.

Filming locations

Filming Locations Brits scamper around the Isles in attempts to piece together a plot for the upcoming film This article contains spoilers and speculation British Jedi fans have been in overdrive since it was announced the a substantial amount of shooting for...


STAR WARS MUSICALYet another fan based production which is fun and interesting:Here is the official press release  Imagine going on a magic carpet ride with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi - or fighting Stormtroopers alongside Mulan. The Star Wars Musical...

TFA Poster and more (questions)

"Theatrical poster, the last The Force Awakens trailer, and release dates"This article contains spoilers and speculation.Theatrical poster and movie premier information on the Official Site is here: movie tickets are now on sale worldwide, about two months before...

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