Andor’s Diego Luna says the second season will ‘represent the audience’


Reflecting on the differences between the first and second seasons of Andor, star Diego Luna believes the second season will ‘represent the audience’ more closely.

While speaking to Variety, Luna described how different the first and second seasons of the Star Wars show feel to him.

“It’s been bittersweet because every day I know I’m a day closer to the end,” the actor said. “It was really nice to approach a series knowing there’s an ending. It doesn’t happen! The new conversation on set with streaming is people talking about the possible future… Like, ‘Well, there might be a second season or a third season’.

“This thing of leaving everything open I think is bringing anxiety to actors that needs to be treated. We’re all thinking about something that we can’t know.”

In that sense, working on Andor is more concrete for Luna.

“The second season ends where Rogue One starts. We’re not changing the ending of Rogue One’so that’s it,” he said. “It’s a nice feeling, it’s like a long film… It has a beginning and an end. We all know what’s going to happen.”

This different outlook has led to a different feeling on set for the second season of Andor. In fact, Luna has been using fan reactions to inform how he approaches the second season.

“There’s something interesting with the second season, which is that I have a different feeling every day I go to set. Now I know, not just that the series was well received and that people liked it, but I know why they liked it.

“That’s another tool we have these days through social media. We actually listen to audiences and critics. We understand what things connected and what didn’t connect. It’s kind of cool to have an opportunity to go and execute another season having this information.

“In a way, a season that will end up representing the audience in a different way. Somehow, the audience is part of this season because the interaction we had served as inspiration.”

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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