Eat like the Empire with your own The Mandalorian travel biscuits


You can make a treat from the Empire that are so tasty, it convinced Dr Pershing to break into an Imperial ship.

There were lots of factors at play to encourage Dr Pershing to break into an abandoned Imperial ship in the third episode of The Mandalorian. However, one contributing element was the delicious yellow travel biscuits that Elia Kane bribed him with to gain his trust.


Now, you can make the delicious treat for yourself and see what one element of life under the Empire’s employ would be like. Flavoured with rose water and ginger, the biscuits are relatively straightforward to make, using largely standard baking ingredients that can definitely be found in this galaxy, not just one that’s far, far away.

It might be harder to replicate the Imperial packaging that’s pictured above, but all you need to do is head to to find the full ingredients and recipe for the biscuits.

We’re hoping they’re just as good as the ones used in The Mandalorian, with actor Omid Abtahi (who played Dr Pershing) remembering them fondly from the set – and finding them hard to step away from, even during takes.

The Mandalorian is streaming weekly every Wednesday on Disney+.

Featured image: Disney


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