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Solo: A Star Wars Story

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" is an exciting standalone film that delves into the early adventures of the iconic smuggler Han Solo. Set before the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, the movie follows Han's journey as he navigates a dangerous criminal underworld, forms unlikely alliances, and discovers the true meaning of friendship and honor.

Lobot – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

Appearing onscreen first—and only—in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back as Lando Calrissian’s executive assistant in Cloud City, Lobo has since been fleshed out into a 3-dimensional character with an interesting history as Calrissian’s version of Chewbacca.

Bib Fortuna – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

Officially, within the new canon of the LucasFilms/Disney-owned Star Wars, the story of the Twi’lek Bib Fortuna ends with the destruction of Jabba’s sail barge. In Legends, his story continues… or maybe not. There’s an entire galaxy of characters and...

R5-D4 aka “Red” – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

But for one droid’s bad motivator, Luke Skywalker might never have joined the Galactic Civil War and the Death Star could still be menacing the galaxy. Who broke R5-D4’s motivator? Did he sacrifice himself? Did R2-D2 sabotage him? Was the droid actually a Jedi? Is there a conspiracy to hide the truth? We reveal all!

Untold Star Wars by Graham Hancock : Rescuing Darth Sidious

Untold Star Wars: Rescuing Darth Sidious The Star Wars prequel trilogy, and Revenge of the Sith in particular, is packed full of dramatic irony. One of the best examples of this is the opening to Episode III, which opens in...

Star Wars This Week – 7 April 2017

The week's newest Star Wars-related news and most entertaining content--curated by a Star Wars fan, for the Star Wars fan...

Greedo – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

He is at the center of history’s most controversial Star Wars moment. He was beat up by Anakin Skywalker. He is a legendary failure. He is Greedo the Young.

Wedge Antilles – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

The template for Poe Dameron. The galaxy’s greatest buddy. The galaxy’s greatest fighter ace. Rogue Leader. Commando. The only Rebel pilot to fly against and survive both Death Stars.

Qui-Gon Jinn – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

The original bad boy Jedi. A maverick Jedi Master indirectly responsible for Luke Skywalker rising above the cloistered folly of the old Jedi Order. He has a rich history despite appearing, and dying, in only a single film.

TFA part 2: Rey and Her Family

January 15, 2017 Part one of my The Force Awakens review is here: As mentioned in part one, Rey was a partial replacement for Luke but quickly became her own character. During the screenwriting process it was decided to give...

Talon Karrde – Who in the Galaxy is That? – by Pariah Burke

He is who would Han Solo would be if not for Chewbacca, Luke, and Leia. Owner of a fleet of red Star Destroyers. Sometime ally of the New Republic. A smuggler-king who plays all sides. There’s an entire galaxy of...