James Gunn reveals how Star Wars will shape DC’s future


James Gunn shares a love of Star Wars, along with the suggestion that the DC could follow in the franchise’s non-linear footsteps.

Speaking to Gizmodo, the DC producer compared what he and the rest of the team are building with the comic franchise to what Disney and Lucasfilm have built with Star Wars.

“We’re also creating a universe that is like Star Wars where there are different times, different places, different things, [and] like Game of Thrones, where characters are a little bit more morally complex,” explained Gunn.

By this, it seems Gunn is referring to Star Wars’ ability to jump around the timeline. For example, The Mandalorian takes place before the sequel trilogy, despite coming out just after Episode IX. The prequel trilogy came out after the original trilogy, which Kenobi then jumped back to revisit just a few months ago. This lies in contrast to the MCU, for example, which follows a roughly linear path with few deviations.

This isn’t the first time that Gunn has complimented the Star Wars universe. In 2022, he commented on the fact that Rogue One was trending on Twitter, writing: “I don’t know why ‘Rogue One’ is trending, but I’m glad it is, as it’s the most underrated Star Wars anything.”

This could well mean that the future of the DC could see multiple plot lines that tie together, but more loosely, much like Star Wars, rather than one linear plot with various side plots, like the MCU.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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