Regal Robot reveals Star Wars Ree-Yees Concept Maquette Replica


As part of its ongoing Star Wars Archive Collection, Regal Robot has revealed a first look at the upcoming Ree-Yees Maquette Replica.

Regal Robot continues to expand its Star Wars Archive Collection line-up, with a classic Return of the Jedi character arriving next month. This unique range of statues and maquettes aims to deliver authentic replicas to fans, based on original concept designs and sculptures.

The company has been fortunate enough to have unparalleled access to existing items preserved in the Lucasfilm archives, allowing them to scan each piece and create high-resolution 3D models. From those, the Regal Robot team is able to produce stunning display pieces that are virtually indistinguishable from the artifacts they’re based on.

The next addition to the Star Wars Archive Collection is the Ree-Yees Concept Maquette – Signature Edition, based on the original design of the fan-favourite alien character by legendary FX artist and Oscar-winner, Chris Walas. Each 1:1 scale bust measures over 15cm tall (including a wood display base), is meticulously painted and includes a hand-signed plaque from Walas himself. The Ree-Yees Concept Maquette – Signature Edition will be limited to just 100 pieces and is priced at $399.00.

Fans looking to add the Ree-Yees Concept Maquette – Signature Edition to their own collections will be able to do so when the bust goes on sale on the Regal Robot website from 12pm EST on February 1, 2023.

Images: Regal Robot


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