Star Wars’ Ahsoka trailer breakdown from SWCE 2023


One of the very first pieces of news was the first trailer for Ahsoka, which was also soon hared online for everyone to enjoy.

With Ahsoka premiering just a few months from now, this is the first proper look we’ve had at the Disney+ show. It features a number of live-action character firsts, as well as several nods to people and plots from the animated show, Rebels.

The trailer begins with Ahsoka walking through a ruined structure, using her signature spinning move to cut through the floor and drop into the levels below. Later on in the trailer, she’s also attacked by droid-like creatures in the same area.

Next up is our first look at Sabine Wren in live action, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo. We see her kneeling and staring at her Mandalorian helmet, while a Loth-cat looks on (another significant Rebels nod).

The Phantom II is then seen chasing another ship carrying a large object with Hera piloting, showcasing her live-action debut too. With reveals coming thick and fast, Chopper is also spotted riding on the outside of the ship, waving his arms in his own signature move.

Two new villains who both wield red lightsabers are also revealed in the trailer, a hooded woman and a bearded man. These could be Inquisitors looking to strike Ahsoka down, or. another strand of Force-sensitive people. Judging from the colour of their lightsabers, they certainly fall on the dark side of the Force.

star wars ahsoka trailer 2

star wars ahsoka trailer 13

We also get a look at some new and familiar ships, with a Jedi T-6 Shuttle flying away from LothalNet comm tower E-272, a location featured prominently in Rebels, and towards the capital city, flanked by a pair of X-wing Fighters.

Fresh from Andor, Mon Mothma and a group of similarly formal-dressed figures appear as holograms just before the moment we’ve all been waiting for: live-action Thrawn. The Grand Admiral, thought to be the main villain of the series, is instantly recognisable due to his blue skin, hair, and iconic uniform.

With Thrawn, as those who have seen Rebels might have guessed, we are sure to see Ezra Bridger make some sort of return, as confirmed by a hologram of what looks a lot like the long-missing Ezra. As such, we can likely assume that the search for both him and Thrawn will be a focus of the series, jumping off the back of Rebels’ climax.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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