Star Wars comics open the door for Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra to return


A character whose story was left open in Solo: A Star Wars Story has just had another part of their story explored in a just-finished comic series.

Although a sequel to Solo is definitely not on the way, the ending of the standalone Star Wars film left the door open for Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra to return. Now, the conclusion of the five-issue comic series, Star Wars: Hidden Empire, has revealed the double-crossing character’s fate.

The final pages see celebrations abounding in a cantina following the Emperor’s death. While Luke and Leia lament that Qi’Ra never found her way to them and fear that she died before she knew that the Rebel Alliance won, it’s revealed that Qi’Ra is sitting quietly in the cantina, not joining in the celebrations.

Why she appears so despondent is left up to the reader’s interpretation. However, for someone who played both sides of the conflict and lost many friends and contacts in the fight against the Empire, it’s perhaps too soon for Qi’Ra to truly celebrate. Once you’ve seen so much death and pain in a war, any victory will surely feel bittersweet.

Looking forward, now we know that Qi’Ra survived the war, it’s entirely possible that we’ll see more of the character in live-action. What’s more, Clarke seems more than willing to reprise the role.

“I loved Qi’ra,” the actor told Digital Spy back in 2021. “Loved her, really, really did. I loved Han, I loved the story, I loved the people, I loved the experience.”

The MandoVerse shows are generally responsible for telling the story of the time between the original and sequel trilogies, so this could be the prime opportunity for Qi’Ra’s return. What’s more, Ahsoka is already a female-focused show with plenty of strong women leading the show, so it could be a golden chance for Qi’Ra to appear once more. Of course, nothing is confirmed, but all you need is a spark of hope…

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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