Star Wars: The Bad Batch actor reveals what a small voice change says about the character


Star Wars: The Bad Batch voice actor explains what one small change says about the character’s development in the latest season of the animated show.

Michelle Ang, who voices Omega, spoke to about the growth of the character in the most recent season. With input from director Brad Rau, Ang explained that she had explored growing into ‘what we would call the ‘Good Soldier Omega’,’ with more clipped phrasing that more closely resembled. the solider she’s growing into.

“At this point, she’s so well trained and so confident in her place in the Batch that she has this quite clipped, direct way of speaking,” Ang says before slipping into Omega for a moment. “‘Copy that.’

“The wonder, the excessiveness of expression in some ways has fallen to the wayside and she’s a lot more focused on the mission of being a good soldier, doing the technical stuff properly. She really gets her enjoyment out of that.”

This progression of Omega from a child who needs to be protected into a soldier on par with her brothers has been a crucial journey for her during the latest season of The Bad Batch. The care and consideration that Ang has put into the character are highlighted in the very inflexions of Omega. Read more about Ang’s perspective on Omega over on

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