Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 will feature an unusual animation style


Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 has got a release date and further details, as confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm.

Streaming on Disney+ from May 4, the series will feature nine animated shorts, each created by a different animation studio. Among them is Aardman, the team behind claymation titles like Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Morph.

Other studios working on Visions, as well as each episode’s directors are:

  • Sith – Rodrigo Blaas (El Guiri).
  • Screecher’s Reach – Paul Young (Cartoon Saloon).
  • In the Stars – Gabriel Osorio (Punkrobot).
  • I Am Your Mother – Magdalena Osinska (Aardman).
  • Journey to the Dark Head – Hyeong Geun Park (Studio Mir).
  • The Spy Dancer – Julien Chheng (Studio La Cachette).
  • The Bandits of Golak – Ishan Shukla (88 Pictures).
  • Aau’s Song – Nadia Darries & Daniel Clarke (Triggerfish).
  • The Pit – LeAndre Thomas & Justin Ridge (D’art Shtajio/Lucasfilm).

Each episode will feature a snapshot of a different element of the Star Wars galaxy, as with the first season.

“With Volume 2, we expanded our canvas to take audiences on a global tour of some of the most talented creators from around the world,” said executive producer James Waugh. “Every short is incredible, full of heart, scope, imagination, and the values that make stories distinctly Star Wars – all while opening up bold new ways of seeing what a Star Wars story can be.”

No further information is known on what each episode will focus on, but some clue is given by the titles. Most notably, the final short, The Pit, could suggest we’ll see more detail on how Boba Fett climbed out of the Sarlacc pit – but that’s just speculation for now.

Featured image: Lucasfilm/Disney


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