The Mandalorian character posters offer insight into Season 3’s focus


The Mandalorian’s character posters could offer some insight into the focus of the third season.

Four characters feature prominently in the recently-released character posters for The Mandalorian, published by Disney. The first is predictable: Din Djarin and Grogu, the titular Mandalorian and his foundling.

The other two are not surprising, but highlight the focus of the third season: Bo Katan Kryze and Greef Karga. The trailer has already underlined that Din and Grogu will return to visit both Nevarro and Greef in the upcoming season. With Carl Weathers’ character clad in resplendent robes, it seems Din’s old friend has moved up in the world, holding even more power that may well influence the story.

The trailer has also made it clear that Din’s main priority, now that Grogu is safe and on a path of his choosing, is to regain his standing within the Mandalorian culture. He also holds the Darksaber,  the fabled weapon of Mandalore which instantly gives its bearer automatic ruler over the Mandalorians.

This will surely bring him up against or at least into contact with Bo Katan, once also a bearer of the Darksaber and now seeking to reclaim the throne of Mandalore. Last time they met, the pair had an uneasy truce but who knows what the third season will hold for them.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 will start streaming on Disney+ from March 1, 2023, with new episodes released weekly thereafter. Be sure to check out Jedinet every day to keep with everything you need to know about the latest live-action Star Wars series.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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