The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal offers insight into third season arc


The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal has shared insight into what Din Djarin’s motivations will be in the third season of the Star Wars live-action show.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 3.

The first two episodes of The Mandalorian have been heavily focused on both. Mandalore and Mandalorian culture, signposting that the rest of the season will also follow Din Djarin’s attempts to be redeemed in the eyes of his people.

However, the fact that it’s episode two and we’ve already seen him enter the Living Waters suggests that this won’t be as easy as he might think. What’s more, the appearance of the Mythosaur right at the end of the third episode is clearly a hint of what is to come.

Speaking to, The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal offered some insight into what will drive Din Djarin in the third season –  and it might be a conflict that the character doesn’t see coming.

“We know what Din wants: Din wants back in. He wants back into Mandalore. And what his heart needs is Grogu,” Pascal says. “It’s an interesting conflict that he steps into as far as the third season is concerned, trying to sort of understand and regain his identity in the middle of a world that introduces us to a lot more as far as Mandalore is concerned.”

This emphasis on Djarin ‘needing’ Grogu but ‘wanting’ Mandalore could be a hint that his journey will be to realise he can step away from the culture, if Grogu ends up being more important. This is pure speculation for now, but it certainly seems as though the relationship between Din Djarin and his culture will not be straightforward.

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