The Mandalorian’s viewing figures hit some of the best on record


Despite a rocky start to Season 3, The Mandalorian’s viewing figures have not just recovered but beaten existing records.

The first few episodes saw low viewership numbers, according to early reports from Nielsen, as well as the first episode of Season 3 being the worst-rated that the live-action Star Wars show had ever seen.

Nonetheless, all is not lost, as Variety recently reported that viewership has been steadily increasing, with 1.115 billion minutes watched between March 13 and 19. It seems that fans had gotten back into the groove with Mando, culminating in one of the best weeks that the TV show has seen since Nielsen began recording streaming figures back in 2020.

The only episodes that secured more viewing minutes than during this week were Chapters 13 and 16 from Season 2, which introduced iconic and beloved characters, Ahsoka and Luke, respectively.

As such, it’s no surprise that they’d see high numbers. However, the fact that the numbers are getting close to these levels is encouraging. Nielsen includes all viewing figures, not just related to the most recent episode, so it could be that some fans of The Mandalorian were simply slow on the uptake or needed to be convinced to watch the most recent season, explaining the sudden spike in viewing numbers.

We can only hope that these numbers are good enough to secure Season 4, as well as pave the way for the rest of the Star Wars TV universe and the MandoVerse movie.

Featured image: Disney


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