Star Wars Jedi Outcast receives a VR makeover


First released in 2002, one of the most popular Star Wars games ever was remade in VR for 2023.

Ranked in the top ten of all Star Wars games by IGN, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast follows antihero Kyle Katarn as he struggles to come to terms with his connection to the Force and is forced to battle various Force-sensitive baddies. It’s a fantastic game (especially for its time) that allows players to explore what it would be like to unleash Jedi powers on Sith and Stormtroopers alike.

While three lightsaber stances might seem small in comparison to Survivor, for a 2002 game released on PC, Gamecube, and Xbox, it was quite the experience. Now, a standalone port is offering a modern return to the beloved game, now with VR capabilities.

The original gameplay can now be experienced again, but with VR you can actually move through the lightsaber poses and use Force powers using hand gestures. That means moving objects, throwing enemies, and even using Force choke.

The updated version is called JK-XR and was created by fans as a complete reworking of Jedi Outcast’s engine. You’ll need to download it fresh, but will also need a copy of the original for it to integrate with. The available demo can be played on its own with no extra download required, but to play the full game, you’ll need a legal copy of the original, which is available from most major retailers.

Featured image: Lucasarts via IGDB


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