How do your complete Star Wars Jedi Survivor – The Heist – Chapter 1 – Mission 1?


In the opening mission of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you will encounter several objectives that are essential to follow and complete. These objectives include:

  • Pursue the Senator’s Yacht
  • Find your crew at the Yacht
  • Defeat K-405 (boss fight)
  • Board the Senator’s Yacht

While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor shares similarities with its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, it introduces a more expansive open-world experience. However, the first mission of the game follows a linear path to establish the foundation of the story. After completing the initial chapter, you gain the freedom to explore the open world, beginning with the hub world of Koboh. This unlocks the opportunity to delve into the vastness of the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor open world, taking on main story quests at your preferred pace.

Pursue the Senator’s Yacht

The first objective in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is to pursue the Senator’s Yacht. As the initial cutscene concludes and you transition into gameplay, control of Cal is handed over to you, equipped with his default Jedi Knight abilities. In this section, you will engage in a thrilling battle against a swarm of Stormtroopers, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the game’s dynamic combat system. It serves as an exciting introduction to the immersive action awaiting you in the game.

After successfully defeating the Stormtroopers, a cinematic cutscene will seamlessly transition you to the next section. Here, you will utilize the Force to blow open a wall, granting you access to the path ahead. To your right, two Stormtroopers will engage you in combat. Dispatch them skillfully and continue forward, reaching the game’s first meditation point.

Progressing beyond the meditation point, you will encounter a few more troopers that must be overcome. Additionally, you will come across a small platform that can be lowered using your Force abilities. Ascend to the top of the platform, granting you access to the Holomap, a valuable tool for tracking your current objective.

As you press onward, you will confront Stormtroopers who unleash a barrage of blaster fire. Utilize your lightsaber to deflect the incoming projectiles and engage the troopers head-on. Eliminate them swiftly and locate a cracked wall that necessitates your passage to the next area. Squeeze through the narrow opening and advance to discover a new lightsaber stance awaiting you.

Following the acquisition of the lightsaber stance, the game will once again transition through a brief cutscene. After the scene concludes, Bode will join Cal, and you can simply follow his lead as he guides you towards your next objective.

Reunite with your crew at the Yacht

Within the first mission of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there is a concise section that serves as a training ground, introducing you to the fundamental traversal abilities of Cal. This segment focuses on honing your skills and familiarizing you with the game’s mechanics.

Upon returning to the rooftops, you gain the ability to direct Bode to destroy a hanging crate by pressing “R1” or “RB.” This action enables BD-1 to create a zipline, providing Cal with a means to advance to the next area.

A ramp comes into view, offering the opportunity to scale it using the adjacent walls through wall running. As you progress to the following section, a group of Stormtroopers obstruct your path once again. Eliminate them swiftly, then interact with a nearby console to activate a bridge, allowing you to access the next platform.

Follow Bode as he leads you to the subsequent area, ultimately reaching a meditation point. Here, you can rest and unlock several combat skills for Cal, enhancing your abilities for the challenges ahead. After leaving the meditation point and continuing forward, you will confront the game’s inaugural boss, the K-405, in an intense face-to-face encounter.

Defeat K-405

The K-405, serving as the initial boss fight in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, presents a manageable challenge, although it can prove daunting if your timing for attacks and dodges is off. The safest approach to defeat this enemy is to maintain a safe distance and strike only when clear openings arise.

While there are ample opportunities to parry the boss’ attacks, if you lack confidence in your parry timing, it is advisable to rely on side-strafing to evade most of the incoming strikes.

Assistance comes in the form of Bode, who can help divert the boss’ attention, granting you precious moments to heal and readjust your position. Utilizing the Double-bladed stance is recommended for swiftly dispatching the enemy.

Victory over the K-405 rewards you with the acquisition of the Ascension cable, a versatile tool akin to a grappling hook, enabling you to navigate and access new areas with ease.

Board the Senator’s Yacht

With the successful defeat of K-405, you can progress to the subsequent area and reunite with your crew, preparing for the pursuit of the Senator’s Yacht. Descending from the platform that your companions have lowered, you will advance towards the final destination—the Senator’s Yacht.

To reach the ship and gain control, some platforming challenges lie ahead. Navigating through these obstacles will grant you access to the vessel and its controls. As you finally arrive, Star Wars Jedi Survivor seamlessly transitions into the concluding cutscene of the mission, bringing The Heist to a close.

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