Star Wars gaming job ad reveals connection to ’90s games


A job ad for an upcoming Star Wars game suggests the influence of a retro ’90s game from the franchise.

As the release date of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor approaches, it’s worth remembering that Respawn Entertainment actually has three different Star Wars games on the go: the Fallen Order series, an unnamed first-person shooter (FPS), and a strategy game. The FPS was originally thought to be a follow-up to Battlefront, reports Metro – but a job ad from Respawn suggests it could be more closely linked to 1995’s Dark Force.

This Star Wars FPS featured technological advances that many other games of the decade didn’t have, such as the ability to look up and down and more prominent vertical level design. While the series had a few sequels, they weren’t as popular as the first iteration of the game.

Now, a job ad for a Cinematic Lead for an unnamed Star Wars FPS has said that the title will be ‘inspired by classic titles like Dark Forces and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2’, suggesting that these first two DF games will play more of a role than the more recent Fallen Order or even Battlefront. What’s more, this game will be the first time that Respawn has used Unreal Engine 5 – meaning it should look even more graphically impressive than Fallen Order, possibly even Survivor.

Featured image: LucasArts via IGDB


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