Andor’s Diego Luna worked to create a backstory ‘no one cared about’


Even before Andor was in the works, Diego Luna was fleshing out Cassian Andor as a character beyond Rogue One.

Speaking to Collider, the actor who plays Andor discussed the differences between playing the rebel in 2016’s Rogue One and delving deeper into the character for the TV show, Andor.

“I think in terms of the context of the character, I was pretty much there,” Luna remarked. “I think [Tony Gilroy’s] story is something that connects easily with what I had in mind.

“But it’s more about the characters he meets in the journey where I was impressed by what Tony wanted to tell. The characters he meets – Luthen (Stellan Skarsgård), Kino (Andy Serkis), the relation with Maarva (Fiona Shaw) – that is something so central in the understanding of Cassian.”

Speaking further, Luna revealed that some of the work for Andor was already done, at least in his mind, while shooting Rogue One.

“For me, it wasn’t like that when I was getting ready for Rogue One,” Luna remembered. “I had to create my own backstory – backstory that no one cared about. It was just mine in terms of, I didn’t have to get there with any other actor. My character was coming from somewhere else, you know? He has this accent that no one shares, and he clearly has left everything behind.

“Therefore, it was just the work you do as an actor, that you have to understand why you’re making the choices you’re making and create yourself some background story.”

This can only have helped when it came to Luna’s incredible performance in Andor, which delved into Cassian’s past and his journey to becoming one of the most important rebels in the galaxy.

Images: Lucasfilm / Disney


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